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Paumes de terre

Blue and brown bowl on buff clay - prism pattern

Blue and brown bowl on buff clay - prism pattern

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A regular and symmetrical pattern, intertwining hexagons, different reading tracks... stars and geometric shapes that dance with different depths. The buff clayis dressed in purple reflections on certain facets.

This bowl was turned and then stamped by hand, each design requires 6 applications of 6 to 7 different tools. The shapes are regular, but the handwork makes the object imperfect, both artisanal and poetic (One piece unique for the moment).

Dimensions :
Diameter Ø 11.5 cm and height ↕ 8 cm
Weight ~ 250 g.

Materials :
Glaze, stoneware.

Maintenance method :
Clean by hand with clear water or with a small amount of soap. Can be occasionally put in the dishwasher. Use a soft brush to clean the patterns if necessary.

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