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Paumes de terre

Iron tenmoku bowl on buff clay

Iron tenmoku bowl on buff clay

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An evolving pattern, non-regular and intuitive. An inverted Tower of Babel, tangled geometric shapes. The glaze is brown, rich in iron, called Tenmoku, dresses in different colors depending on the response of the pattern on the clay.

This bowl has been wheel-thrown and then stamped by hand. A single tool for various dimensions of the same form, lines of pyramids that evolve and build themselves like floors of a solid and poetic tower. The clay reveals purple traces where the clay received more heat than the rest.

Dimensions :
Diameter Ø 11 cm and height ↕ 8 cm
Weight ~ 250 g.

Materials :
Glaze, earthware.

Maintenance method :
Clean by hand with clear water or with a small amount of soap. Can be occasionally put in the dishwasher. Use a soft brush to clean the patterns if necessary.


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