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Paumes de terre

Blue bowl on red clay, yellow engobe - hydrangea motif

Blue bowl on red clay, yellow engobe - hydrangea motif

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A regular and symmetrical pattern for an effect of hydrangea flowers.

This bowl was turned then stamped by hand, each design requires 20 applications of 6 different tools. The hydrangea flowers bloom on a checkerboard of regular squares, delicate leaves (unique piece for the moment).

A yellow engobe was applied to the still raw bowl before the hydrangea designs were created. The white and blue glazes overlap and enhance each other. The slightly textured engobe contrasts with the softness of the glaze.

Dimensions :
Diameter Ø 9.5 cm and height ↕ 10 cm
Weight ~ 300g.

Materials :
Glaze, stoneware.

Maintenance method :
Clean by hand with clear water or with a small amount of soap. Cannot go in the dishwasher. Use a soft brush to clean the patterns if necessary.

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