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Paumes de terre

Red and black bowl - mother of pearl effects

Red and black bowl - mother of pearl effects

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Primitive pit firing. Clouds created by organic and mineral matter, and smoke that enters the pores of the clay among the embers.

Each piece is unique due to the technique used.

This clay is a mixture of stoneware, forest sand and finally a wild white clay. The whole thing is put together with love to create a very personal, supple clay with deep responses.

Dimensions :
Diameter Ø 12.5 cm and height ↕ 5.5 cm
Weight ~ 200 g.

Materials :
Various organic and mineral materials, earthenware.

Maintenance method :
Clean with a slightly damp cloth. Do not go in the dishwasher, do not clean with soap or detergent.

Notes :
Cannot be used for liquids and food use.


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