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Paumes de terre

Glossy and matte bronze birds - origami pattern

Glossy and matte bronze birds - origami pattern

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A single glaze on these 2 birds, but different firing temperatures, due to various placements in the kiln. Only 20 °C is enough to melt the glaze perfectly and give it a shiny side... or leave it with a matt and rougher effect.

These birds are created by imitating an origami folding shape. Although following the same pattern, each piece is unique and differs from its congeners.

Dimensions :
Width ↔ 12 cm and height ↕ 7.5 cm
Weight ~ 60 g. / piece.

Materials : Enamels, artisanal clay.

Maintenance method :
Clean with a slightly damp cloth. Do not go in the dishwasher, do not clean with soap or detergent.

Note : Birds are only sold in pairs.

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