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Paumes de terre

Black birds with golden reflections - origami pattern

Black birds with golden reflections - origami pattern

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A complex and surprising glaze... a principal black shade-glaze , offering golden highlights that appear where the enamel is thinner. Small white dots appear by transparency coming from the slightly buffed gray clay. The clay and the glaze go together perfectly and are greatly complementary, revealing more yellow and golden colors on the edges of the birds.

These birds are created by imitating an origami folding shape. Although following the same pattern, each piece is unique and differs from its congeners.

Dimensions :
Width ↔ 12 cm and height ↕ 7.5 cm
Weight ~ 60 g. / piece.

Materials : Enamels, artisanal clay.

Maintenance method :
Clean with a slightly damp cloth. Do not go in the dishwasher, do not clean with soap or detergent.

Note : Birds are only sold in pairs.

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