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Paumes de terre

Red raku cups - flower patterns

Red raku cups - flower patterns

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A fast and intense cooking, sublime and moving. The opening of the oven, the incandescent parts... burning and shining emotions. A deep respect for objects in near fusion immersed in pieces of wood and dry leaves, then in cold water.

These cups are pinched and molded by hand. Their shapes remain irregular and their edges play with standards, amplifying their raw and natural nature. The flowers are made freehand, each one is unique to bloom delicately on the surface of the cup. Finally, more geometric shapes appear and contrast with the curves of the flowers and their buds.

A homemade raku clay, a mixture of stoneware, sand from the forest and finally a wild white clay. These are then mixed with love to create a very personal earth, resistant to thermal shock and deep pattern responses. The glaze left bare becomes shiny black thanks to the attentive and meticulous polishing.

Dimensions :
Diameter Ø 9 cm and height ↕ 6 cm
Weight ~ 140 g. / Cup

Materials :
Glaze, stoneware.

Maintenance method :
Clean with a slightly damp cloth. Do not go in the dishwasher, do not clean with soap or detergent.

Notes :
1. Cannot be used for liquids and food use
2. These cups are sold in pairs. Although twins, each cup is unique.

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