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Paumes de terre

Navy blue teapot on red clay - braiding pattern

Navy blue teapot on red clay - braiding pattern

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A regular and symmetrical pattern for a braiding effect, with small butterfly shapes. A simple and sober earth, deep colors and strong contrasts.

This teapot was built by hand and then stamped by hand, each design requires 8 applications of 5 different tools. The outer surface of this teapot is partially glazed to leave the patterns created bare, giving the impression of braiding under the glaze, a mixture of methods and materials.

This earth is fired at low temperature (1070°C) and closed perfectly during the two successive firings. This box is completely enamelled on the inside and is suitable for food use (eg tea, water, coffee, etc.).

Dimensions :
Width Ø 9cm and height ↕ 11cm
Weight ~ 850g.

Materials :
Glaze, earthenware.

Maintenance method :
Clean by hand with clear water or with a small amount of soap. Can be occasionally put in the dishwasher.

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